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Securing Your Fiber-Optic Cabling Infrastructure

In one of my recent articles I discussed new devices for securing copper patch cables. I failed to mention that there is also new product out and available to secure fiber-optic cabling. Like the products made to secure copper cabling, there are products from many of the top connectivity manufactures that consist of pre-made patch cords using their components. While most of these factory made options are very good quality, they are made from either their cable or a company they are partnered with. This is not an issue for many network managers but there are some folks that want consistency or they like feel comfortable with a brand such a Corning or Superior –Essex, or possibly they want a consistent color. Whatever the reason may be, Senko Advanced Components has recently introduce their Secure-LC and Secure-SC connector offering. What I thought was unique about this product is that it not only locks in to any fiber port but Senko has devised a way to secure fiber cables that are live but not plugged into a port. This is the first product that I have seen that can secure these loose cables that may be needed as spares or for test purposes. Click Here for detail on this product: