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New Simplified System for Ceiling Mount of Wireless Access Points

Many solutions are available for mounting wireless access in ceilings bases on where you are installing them. Installation costs can vary significantly based on hardware needed to meet standards and codes in a given area. The newest TIA TSB-162-A standard recommends that two Cat6A cables be run to every wireless access point to help future proof against quickly evolving wireless technologies that are being predicted. This can make installing ceiling mount wireless accent points even more of a chore. Recently, Leviton introduced a low cost solution to make installing the cabling needed to connect the typical access point in a plenum air space a much simpler process. The QuickPort In-Ceiling Bracket is one of those items that has to be one of the most simple to install, versatile items I have seen just for this purpose. This bracket can be attached to wood rafters, studs or even drop ceiling wires. It has openings for two QuickPort jacks and screw holes for Levitonís plenum rated surface mount box as well. It even has slots for attaching plenum rated Velcro ties to help secure the cable. Click here for more product information: