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New Product to Boost Cell Reception

Cell phone boosters have been around for a number of years. Some work better than others in helping amplify a weak cell signal because of a number of factors. These include being too far away from your carrier's cell tower or even the type of  materials your home or business is made of (such as metal, which does not allow adequate cell phone reception when you are inside the building). The cell phone market has exploded in the past several years largely due to the introduction of multifunction phones such as the IPhone and a host of Android phones. These “smart “ phones, as they are called, have truly made how we communicate much more mobile than we ever dreamed about a decade ago. The power of these phones rivals home computers from just a few years ago. Wilson Electronics has been manufacturing cell phone boosters for the last 40 years, mostly for use by the general public for residential applications. Now, due to the demand and necessity for good cell phone reception in businesses, schools and public facilities, they have created a new division that is working on boosters for commercial applications. The new Wilson commercial boosters fit into a unique niche where there is no budget for a full blown distributed antenna system (DAS), but good 3G & 4G cell reception is required in small to medium size spaces. Click Here to check out the Latest Wilson product, the Pro 70 Plus: