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The Latest In Small Diameter Cabling Solutions

Until a few years ago the only variances with 4 pair category patch cord was color and maybe the type of boots that slipped over the RJ45 plugs. With the larger diameter Cat6 and especially Cat6a cable, diameter of the cable became a huge concern for installers and network engineers. Many pathways and wire management spaces designed for Cat5 and Cat5e cable were inadequately sized to handle this new requirement. Over the last few years many changes were made to cable designs in an effort to bring the diameter down close to what was typical for Cat5 & 5E.  Within the last year or so manufactures discovered you can go with much smaller diameter cable diameters if you did not need the full 100 meter length for the cable run from the switch to the device attached. It has been determined that over 70 percent of network runs were 50 meters or less. This is especially true in data center environments where higher and higher densities are being required with the higher density blade style servers and HD patch panels.  Panduit has recently introduced their 28 gauge horizontal cable for the ultimate in space savings in these high density environment applications. The outside diameter for their Cat6 28 gauge cable is .150 which is less than half of the typical 24 gauge patch cord. To illustrate what that means; in a typical section of 12x2 Panduit Wyr-Grid cable manager, you would have a capacity of 216 cables. With the 28 gauge solution, you can fit 552 cables in the same space; this is based on a 40% fill ratio. This product also works with the newer high power POE+ and POE++ equipment. Click here to check out this innovative product