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USB Technology Update

As with most interfaces in the Data Communications world it either keeps evolving into a faster more efficient version or it becomes obsolete. After being in the industry for over thirty years I have seen many of these interfaces come and go. Back in the early days of the PC there were Serial interfaces, then Parallel interfaces after a few years SCSI interfaces came along to have a higher speed data rate. All of those technologies experienced numerous changes and then lost favor to newer yet interfaces such as USB, Fire Wire, Display Port and HDMI. Again these interfaces are morphing into numerous variations. The big movement recently seems to be going to all digital technology interfaces and having interfaces supply additional features such as power. And of course these interfaces keep getting smaller along the way since devices keep getting smaller too. One of the latest changes is with the USB interface. What started out as a speedy compact hot swappable interface system is now evolving into much more. Here are some of the features of the latest 3.1 version: Performance •SuperSpeedUSB 10 Gbps •Delivers a 2x improvement over USB 3.0 5 Gbps data rate Power •USB Power Delivery v2.0 •USB Power Delivery can deliver up to 100W •New USB Type-C •New cable and connector scheme enables thinner and sleeker product designs Click here for a detailed description of all the improvements for this amazing revision: