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Utilizing HDbaseT in cabling conference room and school room environments

Falcon Technologies has been in the Audio/Video space for a number of years and has seen a lot of changes along the way. Our first exposure to A/V was issues like "How far can we extend a VGA cable?" or "Where can we get a 50 ft. HDMI cable that is plenum rated?" A tough one that we have unfortunately seen more than once was "How can we fish a VGA cable through 40 ft. of 1 inch duct?" A lot of the problems in cabling conference rooms or classrooms stemmed from distance limitations and using certain types of cables in ways they were never intended. Over time newer standards and technologies have come along to address those issues, give a much better performance level than was ever thought possible, are much less expensive, and are easier to install. Sounds like a fairy tale, doesnít it? In previous articles I mentioned HDbaseT and some of the coming improvements in this new standard that would revolutionize the A/V world in terms of cabling. Well, a lot of products are finally becoming available that will make installations using 4 pair structured cable the best way to go for conference rooms, classrooms and many digital signage applications. Attached are several Solution Briefs From Levitonís A/V division outlining how HDbaseT can be utilized in board room and classroom A/V installations and the benefits of using this technology.   Click here for more information: