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Fiber to the Antenna Changes the Dynamics of WIFI and Cell Tower Designs

A recent trend that is occurring for wireless antenna design for such applications as cell tower and commercial WIFI antenna deployment is implementation of antenna systems that utilize a fiber-optic cable rather than the long used coax interface. Why the change? Well, there are several benefits for going to fiber optics. First, fiber-optic cable can go much farther than coax without much loss. Coax cable, especially in tall cell towers has become quite large in diameter in order to perform adequately. This gets to be quite bulky and difficult to install. Second, there is the performance improvements in using a fiber-optic based system compare to the older  coax systems. There is also some benefit of surge and lightning resistance utilizing fiber-optic cable, but many of the cables designed for these applications also require a number of copper cables in close proximity supplying the power needed for equipment at the top of a tower so lightning protection on the power side still needs to be incorporated. Falcon Technologies Assembly Division has been working with wireless installers for a number of years building custom length copper/fiber cable assemblies made to their specifications. You can check out Falcon Technologies Assembly Divisions range of capabilities by clicking here.