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Wireless Networks in Healthcare

Wireless installation in hospitals and heath care facilities creates unique challenges, including mitigation of Airborne Infectious Disease, satisfying Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) procedures and the TIA-1179 Healthcare Facility Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard, and HIPAA compliance. In many facilities, it was a common practice to install the Wireless Access Point, or WAP, by clipping it onto the ceiling grid. The installer would then route the data cable into the space above the ceiling by either poking a “mouse-hole” through the ceiling tile or lifting the ceiling tile enough to push the cable through, leaving a gap in the ceiling system.   Clipping APs onto ceiling tile grids is no longer an acceptable method for wireless access point installation in most healthcare facilities. because of a number of factors such as:  The gap leaves an opening for the transmission of Airborne Infectious Disease. The gap also degrades the intentional and specified differential air pressure designed into hospital spaces and the gap compromises the specified Burn Rating and smoke barrier of the ceiling system.   Click here to learn about solutions available for mounting wireless access points in healthcare environments: