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Trends in Test Equipment

A number of trends are happening with test equipment in the past several years due to advances in technology and being able to offer this advanced technology at a reasonable price. Three big changes that I have noticed are:  *Display screen improvements It was not that many years ago that having a nice color display was considered a big leap in technology. Now, many of the newer testers come with not only color display but offer high resolution and touch screen technology as well. * test equipment size In recent years test equipment seems to be shrinking in size but not in features. OTDRís, inspection scopes and many other test devices are shrinking down to pocket size form factors in recent years. The only drawback I have as I get older, bigger displays donít seem to be too bad. Even with the smaller size, a high resolution display can help offset readability issues. *Advances in ways to record and store test results Saving and storing test results was a bit of a challenge in previous generation test equipment. Test results were stored locally and had to be downloaded with a special cable or to a USB stick. Sometimes results were inadvertently erased or somehow the USB sticks would get misplaced. The new tester have vastly improved this process by using built in WIFI or Bluetooth wireless. No cables to loose and often they can be sent to a cell phone to easily transfer results back to the office or even the cloud location on the fly. Click here to see info in the latest AFL OTDR tester that incorporates the above features: