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New Innovations in Cable Labeling

The technology behind network cable and infrastructure labeling has changed quite dramatically over the last twenty years. In the early days all the labeling was done back at the contractors office on a laser printer with special labels. Hand held labelers at the time were very basic and offered little if any memory and had very limited capabilities to print special symbols needed for the data-comm industry. Over the years hand held label printers offered more and more features to meet the most current labeling standards at the time. Often a whole projects labels could be created and stored on the printer, a big step forward in just a few years. The most recent hand held printing product offering by Brother , the LabelLink, pairs Fluke Networks’ LinkWare™ Live cloud technology with the PT-E550W industrial labeler, so you can print cable ID labels faster and more efficiently than ever before. I addition everything you need is stored on the cloud. Click here for more info: