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New HDBase-T Cable from Belden

Last year the latest version of HDBase-T was ratified that supports what they call 5 play. 5 play is a term that states the new standard will support 100 watts of power, uncompressed  4k video, full Dolby sound, 100 mb of Ethernet USB support and IR control over a single 4pr. cable.  To me, having all these capabilities with one 4pr. cable is quite remarkable. The recommended cable is a shielded Cat6A cable. Belden has just recently introduced a new version of their product based on results from their HDBaseT lab. This cable is designed to give the best performance available for this new standard. Belden cables 2183P and 2183R were designed specifically for optimal performance in transmitting 4K UHD HDBaseT signals up to 100 meters.  Belden’s unique design guarantees performance as it is resistant to the stresses of installation and noise interference.  2183P and 2183R are capable of delivering 100 watts of power and are UL tested and LP rated to 0.6 amps. Click here for the spec sheet: