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How to stay cool and protect your expensive network switches

A recent post from Geist Electronics addresses cooling problems that are very common this time of year. I know I monitor this closely to keep from having a melt down in our data closet. Every summer, it seems another heat record is smashed. This year, the West has been hit particularly hard, with Phoenix, much of Southern California – including Los Angeles – parts of Nevada, Salt Lake City and even Boise experiencing record-high temperatures. Beyond the general discomfort of a summer swelter, data center managers must also deal with the operational threat of rising facility temperatures. This means keeping all racks, even those positioned farthest from the cool-air source, running at optimal temperatures while minimizing the total data center cooling capacity to facilitate resource efficiency. Granted, this can be somewhat challenging, but it's especially critical for keeping top-of-rack network switches running at safe temperatures. To that end, here are a few tips that can help you keep your data center, and your network switches, cool this summer.