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Mini-Com vs NetKey Modular Jacks (CAT5E/6/6A)
Last Updated: 01/31/2017
  • CJ688TGYL
  • CJ688TG

Mini-Com CAT6 Giga-TX6+ (CJ688TG) Modular Jack

  • NK6TM

NetKey CAT6 (NK6TM) Modular Jack

  • NK688MYL
  • NK688M

NetKey CAT6 (NK688M) Modular Jack


Mini-Com Jack Modules – RJ45 Category 5E/6/6A modular female jacks for use in all Panduit Mini-Com housings (Faceplates, Surface Mount Boxes, Modular Patch Panels)

NetKey Jack Modules - RJ45 Category 5E/6/6A modular female jacks for use in all Panduit NetKey housings (Faceplates, Surface Mount Boxes, Modular Patch Panels)


Provides a modular solution for intermediate to high-density installations to support the following applications:

  • Ethernet 10BASE-T, 100BASE-T (Fast Ethernet), 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet)

  • 155 Mb/s ATM, 622 Mb/s ATM, 1.2 Gb/s ATM

  • Token Ring 4/16

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

  • Digital video and broadband/baseband analog video (CAT6/6A)

  • CAT6A - high bandwidth applications such as finance, banking, education and healthcare

Installation Considerations:

Mini-Com and NetKey jacks use different designs for mounting into their respective housings and are therefore not interchangeable. Mini-Com jacks will only snap into Mini-Com housings; NetKey jacks will only snap into NetKey housings (and most other manufacturer’s keystone style faceplates and patch panels).

Use both Mini-Com and NetKey with unshielded, twisted, 4-pair, solid or stranded conductor, 22-26 AWG, 100 Ohm cable. (NetKey CAT5E use with 22-24 AWG cable.)

Common Options:

  • Modular jacks are available in multiple color options, including White, Off White, Electric Ivory, International Gray, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange.

  • CJ588xxY and CJ5E88Txx – early versions of Mini-Com CAT5E modular jack with alternate styles of termination

  • CJ688TPxx - early version of Mini-Com CAT6 modular jack with alternate style of termination

  • Shielded modular jacks - provide a conductive path to ground

  • Female / Female coupler style modular jacks - accept RJ45 terminated cables on both sides thereby eliminating the need to terminate the jack module

  • Modular jacks are available for Voice, USB, Audio/Video and Fiber Optic applications

Related Industry Terms/Acronyms:

  • TX6A™ 10Gig UTP Jack Module – series name for Mini-Com CJ6X88TG modular jack

  • TX6™ PLUS UTP Jack Module - series name for Mini-Com CJ688TG modular jack

  • TX5e™ UTP Jack Module - series name for Mini-Com CJ5E88TG modular jack

  • Keystone - refers to a common mounting style for modular jacks and their associated housings. A keystone module will have a specific, industry standard size and shape flexible tab located on the top of the unit which, when snapped into the housing, will lock it into position

  • Pair geometry - refers to the configuration of conductors within a twisted pair cable - the mated pairs and the number of twists per inch that unite those conductors

  • UTP - Unshielded Twisted Pair cable

  • T568A and T568B wiring schemes - standardized wiring configurations used in the termination of copper Ethernet cables and ports. T568B is currently the most widely used termination in the United States

  • PoE - Power over Ethernet refers to the use of an Ethernet cable to transmit electrical power to a remote device that does not have access to an AC power outlet

  • NEXT - Near-End Crosstalk is the unintentional transfer of signals between 2 conductors within a network cable. It is often caused by untwisting of pairs or by conductors being crushed during termination

  • AXT - Alien Crosstalk is the unintentional transfer of signals between 2 cables within a bundle

Comparison Chart:

Mini-Com CJ5E88TG/CJ688TG/ CJ6X88TG NetKey NKP5E88M/NK688M/ NK6X88M NetKey NK5E88M/NK6TM
Punchdown tool required No Yes No
Termination styles *See below *See below *See below
Possible re-terminations 20 20 10
Keystone mounting No Yes Yes
Housing compatibility Mini-Com only Netkey; most keystone plates, panels Netkey; most keystone plates, panels

* Termination Styles:

  • Mini-Com CJ5E88TG (CAT5E); CJ688TG (CAT6); CJ6X88TG (CAT6A): Uses a forward motion termination method to optimize performance by maintaining cable pair geometry while eliminating conductor untwist.

  • NetKey NKP5E88M (CAT5E); NK688M (CAT6); NK6X88M (CAT6A): Uses industry standard 110 termination style.

  • NetKey NK5E88M (CAT5E); NK6TM (CAT6): Uses a downward motion termination method with retention cap and untwisting of pairs.

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