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QuickPort vs Atlas-X1 QuickPort Modular Jacks (CAT5E/6/6A)
Last Updated: 01/31/2017
  • QuickPort CAT6

    QuickPort CAT6

  • Atlas-X1 QuickPort CAT6

    Atlas-X1 QuickPort CAT6


RJ45 Category 5E/6/6A modular female jacks for use in all Leviton QuickPort housings (Faceplates, Surface Mount Boxes, Modular Patch Panels)

Standard QuickPort modular jack part#s (replace x with desired color code):

  • CAT5E = 5G108-Rx5
  • CAT6 = 61110-Rx6
  • CAT6A = 6110G-Rx6

Atlas-X1 QuickPort modular jack part#s (replace x with desired color code):

  • CAT5E = 5EUJK-Rx5
  • CAT6 = 61UJK-Rx6
  • CAT6A = 6AUJK-Rx6


Modular connectors for Category 5E/6/6A UTP structured cabling systems. Uses include high megabit applications such as Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet (CAT6A). All meet or exceed all requirements for respective Category ratings as described in ANSI/TIA-568-C.2

Installation Considerations:

Most keystone modular jacks have the same dimensions for the face (front) allowing for the use of different brands (manufacturers) of modular jacks in faceplates and patch panels. However, the length of a keystone module may vary from one brand to another. This means that the keystone module of any given brand is typically not compatible with another brand of surface mount box.

The Atlas-X1 series jacks employ a shorter body length than the standard QuickPort design. This provides additional room in tight installations like shallow enclosures.

Common Options:

  • Both QuickPort series modular jacks are available in multiple color options, including White, Almond, Ivory, Gray, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange.

  • 5G110-Rx5 (eXtreme) - alternate design (vs 5G108 style) of standard Category 5E QuickPort module capable of multiple reterminations, uses Pair Separation Tower design to facilitate separation of conductors and minimize untwisting to preserve pair geometry, and has a 180° configuration allowing for rear termination.

  • Both QuickPort series offer shielded modular jacks - provide a conductive path to ground.

  • Standard QuickPort modular jacks are available for Voice, USB, Audio/Video and Fiber Optic applications.

Related Industry Terms/Acronyms:

  • Retention Force Technology – Leviton’s patented modular jack design protects tines from damage from 4- or 6-pin plugs

  • Keystone - refers to a common mounting style for modular jacks and their associated housings. A keystone module will have a specific, industry-standard size and shape flexible tab located on the top of the unit which, when snapped into the housing, will lock it into position

  • Component Rated - rated for interoperability with other manufacturer’s products within a channel while maintaining category rating

  • Pair geometry - refers to the configuration of conductors within a twisted pair cable (the mated pairs and the number of twists per inch that unite those conductors

  • UTP - Unshielded Twisted Pair cable

  • T568A and T568B wiring schemes - standardized wiring configurations used in the termination of copper Ethernet cables and ports. T568B is currently the most widely used termination in the United States

  • PoE - Power over Ethernet refers to the use of an Ethernet cable to transmit electrical power to a remote device that does not have access to an AC power outlet

  • NEXT - Near-End Crosstalk is the unintentional transfer of signals between 2 conductors within a network cable. It is often caused by untwisting of pairs or by conductors being crushed during termination

  • AXT - Alien Crosstalk is the unintentional transfer of signals between 2 cables within a bundle

Comparison Chart:

Standard QuickPort Atlas-X1 QuickPort
Punchdown tool required Yes No
Compatible w/JackRapid tool Yes No
Termination Style *See below *See below
Multiple re-terminations Yes (except 5G108) Up to 20
Keystone mounting Yes Yes
Retention Force Technology Yes (except 5G108) Yes
Gold plated/copper alloy contacts Yes (except 5G108) Yes
Solder plated/phosphor bronze contacts 5G108 No
Component Rated 61110 only Yes
Icons included No Yes
**Shortened design No Yes
Housing compatibility QuickPort; most keystone plates & panels QuickPort; most keystone plates & panels

* Termination Styles:

  • Standard QuickPort: Uses industry standard 110 punchdown termination.

  • Atlas-X1 QuickPort: Uses tool-free termination/re-termination and requires no specialized termination tool.

**Short connector design supports a wider range of applications (e.g. shallow boxes, enclosures, bend radius, etc.)

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