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TrackJack vs Series II vs High Density Modular Jacks
Last Updated: 01/31/2017


Ortronics CAT5E/6/6A modular female jacks for use in corresponding Ortronics housings of same product series (Faceplates, Surface Mount Boxes, Modular Patch Panels). Each of these product series has a different mounting style and overall footprint so that a modular jack of one series will not mount in a housing from another series.

Standard part numbers (where “xx” will be replaced by a number signifying color option or left off to indicate Fog White):


CAT5E TJ5E00-xx
CAT6 TJ600-xx

Series II

CAT5E S215E00-xx
CAT6 S21600-xx

High Density

CAT6 HDJ6-xx


Modular connectors for Category 5E/6/6A UTP structured cabling systems. Uses include high megabit applications such as Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet (CAT6A). All meet or exceed all requirements for respective Category ratings as described in ANSI/TIA-568-C.2

Installation Considerations:

All three series are proprietary and require matching plates, boxes, and patch panels from same series.

High Density series requires an Ortronics butterfly tool (OR-HDJPCT) that is included in every box of 20 jacks or a heavy duty Ortronics crimp tool (part #OR-HDJHCT).

TracJack and Series II jacks are front-loaded into plates – keep this in mind if you intend to terminate the cable first and install the plate afterwards. The cable should be pulled through the plate before installing jack.

Series II jacks are available in a dual module with two RJ45 ports on the front and a pair of punch down blocks on the rear.

The HD Series jacks are compact enough to allow 48 jacks to fit into a 1U modular patch panel, hence the HD name (High Density).

Common Options:

All above series jacks are available for fiber and A/V applications.

TracJack jacks are available in multiple colors, including Fog (Off) White, Black, Electric Ivory, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Red, Dark Orange, Dark Yellow, Dark Green, Light Gray, Cloud (Bright) White.

TracJack Shielded modular jacks are available - provide a conductive path to ground.

Series II jacks are available in single and dual ports.

Series II jacks are available in Fog (Off) White, Cloud (Bright) White, Electric Ivory, and Black.

High Density jacks are available in Fog (Off) White, Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Cloud (Bright) White.

Related industry Terms/Acronyms:

  • Clarity – Ortronics’ name applied to their high-end connectivity lines with elevated channel performance. TracJack, Series II and High Density are all part of the Clarity line. The TechChoice product series provides an option for networks requiring quality components with limited budgets.

  • Component Rated - rated for interoperability with other manufacturer’s products within a channel while maintaining category rating.

  • Pair geometry - refers to the configuration of conductors within a twisted pair cable (the mated pairs and the number of twists per inch that unite those conductors).

  • UTP - Unshielded Twisted Pair cable

  • T568A and T568B wiring schemes - standardized wiring configurations used in the termination of copper Ethernet cables and ports. T568B is currently the most widely used termination in the United States

  • PoE - Power over Ethernet refers to the use of an Ethernet cable to transmit electrical power to a remote device that does not have access to an AC power outlet.

  • NEXT - Near-End Crosstalk is the unintentional transfer of signals between 2 conductors within a network cable. It is often caused by untwisting of pairs or by conductors being crushed during termination.

  • AXT - Alien Crosstalk is the unintentional transfer of signals between 2 cables within a bundle.

Comparison Chart:

TracJack Series II High Density
Punchdown tool required Yes Yes *No
Termination Style 110 IDC 110 IDC 110 IDC
Keystone mounting No No No
Housing compatibility TracJack only Series II only High Density only
Housing installation Front load Front load Rear load

*Requires Ortronics crimp or butterfly termination tool (see below).

See Also:

  • Fluke JackRapid for TracJack termination
  • Ortronics OR-HDJHCT crimp tool for High Density termination
  • Ortronics OR-HDJPCT butterfly tool for High Density termination

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